"Saving The Environment One Device At A Time"

Welcome to Secondlifeasia, a company dedicated to promoting sustainable consumption and production patterns in line with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goal 12 (SDG12). Our mission is to reduce electronic waste and foster a circular economy by repairing damaged devices, extending their life cycle, and reducing the demand for new products. 

Electronic waste is one of the fastest-growing waste streams globally, with the world generating 59.4 million metric tons of e-waste in 2022 alone. Without proper management, e-waste poses a significant threat to human health and the environment, as it contains hazardous materials such as lead, mercury, and cadmium. At Secondlifeasia, we recognize the urgent need to address this issue and are committed to taking action.

By providing expert repair services, Secondlifeasia helps combat the environmental and health risks associated with e-waste and works towards a more sustainable future. Our services not only reduce e-waste but also conserve natural resources by extending the life of existing devices, reducing the need for new products and the energy and raw materials required for their production. We also support local economies by generating employment opportunities for skilled repair technicians.
To foster a repair culture, Secondlifeasia actively raises awareness about the environmental benefits of repairing devices. We provide accessible repair resources through our dedicated service centers, online platform, and partnerships with community workshops. Additionally, we advocate for policies that facilitate repairability, such as supporting the Right to Repair movement, which aims to make it easier for consumers to access repair information, tools, and replacement parts.

At Secondlifeasia, we are committed to contributing to SDG12 and driving change towards a more sustainable future. By choosing Secondlifeasia for your device repair needs, you can reduce e-waste, conserve resources, and support a more sustainable and equitable world. Thank you for choosing to join us on this journey towards a better future.

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Our Core Values

At Secondlifeasia, we believe in the power of the circular economy and are committed to reducing digital e-waste, recycling responsibly, and disposing of e-waste in an environmentally friendly manner. Our core value is centered around the principle of “repair and replace only what does not work.” We strive to provide a one-stop repair service for iPhones, iPads, iMacs, and MacBooks, and we believe in giving our customers access to genuine Apple parts, tools, training, and diagnostic resources to perform a variety of out-of-warranty repairs. We are dedicated to providing reliable and high-quality repair services while minimizing our environmental impact and promoting sustainability. At Secondlifeasia, we believe in doing what is right, not just what is easy, and we are committed to creating a more sustainable future for all.

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Secondlifeasia Independent Repair Provider Serves You Better

Secondlifeasia Independent Repair Provider is your one-stop solution for all your Apple device repair needs. Our team of certified technicians are experts in repairing iPhones, iPads, Macs, MacBooks and Apple Watches. We use only the highest quality parts and equipment to ensure that your device is repaired to the highest standards. Whether you need a screen replacement, battery replacement, camera replacement, Face ID replacement, speaker replacement and water damaged or any other repair, our team is here to help. We offer fast and reliable service at affordable prices. Trust the experts at Apple Repair Centre to get your device back to working like new.

Secondlifeasia Group is a leader in Telecom, Technology, Insurtech and Digital Services. Secondlifeasia offers customised solutions to address the needs of various sectors such as Enterprise, Education and Government. With over 28 years of experience in managing complex IT projects for global clients including multinational corporations and government bodies, Secondlifeasia brings together cutting-edge technology services from across the world to help businesses secure their IT infrastructure with top quality managed service offerings. Secondly for its other class of products. The company has been able to provide customers with an array of products at competitive prices that are high quality in nature. The company also provides services such as Independent Repair Provider where they offer quick fixes for iPhone issues/problems or MacBooks that need repair/upgrade so that you can make your device function better.