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Apple has always been a company that values customer service. It is no surprise, then, that Apple has set up over hundred of authorized independent service centres in 29 countries around the world to provide repairs and maintenance services for all your Apple products. These range from iPhones, iPads and Macbooks – with some even servicing all other computer brands! 

With their popularity on the rise all around the world, have also taken over Asia. Apple has many repair centers in various countries throughout Asia. One of these is the secondlifeasia which is an authorized repair partner for Apple products. Here, we provide services for iPhone and MacBook repairs that are done by qualified technicians and we do it at a reasonable cost while using genuine parts. Apple's popularity in Asia is on the rise with many Apple stores opening up throughout different countries in Asia. There are many reliable service centers out there to help you fix your device, but secondlifeasia stands out as one of them because we offer services such as iPhone and MacBook repairs that are done by qualified technicians using genuine parts at a reasonable price!

Device Repair. HealthTech. Telecommunication. Edu Tech. E-commerce. FinTech. Digital Services
Device Repair. HealthTech. Telecommunication. Edu Tech. E-commerce. FinTech. Digital Services

Our Core Values

Secondlifeasia is the first post-warranty repair center for AirPods, iPhone, iPad, iMac, AirPods, and MacBooks in Kuala Lumpur. We believe in circular economy, which means reducing digital e-waste, recycling, and disposing e-waste responsibly. We practice the concept of “repair and replace only what does not work”. We offer a one-stop repair service for AirPods, MacBooks. No need to travel to different places to repair and support different devices. Our Service Center has access to genuine Apple parts like tools training diagnostics resources to perform a variety of out-of-warranty repairs for AirPods iPhones Macs such as iPhone display battery replacement and Mac logic board graphics card replacement. 

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Secondlifeasia Apple Service Centre Serves You Better

Secondlifeasia Apple experts are always here to help you with your iPhone, MacBook, Apple Watch and everything else. Our certified technicians are expertly trained to repair all Apple devices with absolute precision. Secondlifeasia Apple Independent service centre in Malaysia is available for iPhone repairing and data recovery services. We also offer 12 months warranty coverage for our high-quality repairs service. With high-quality parts and a team of professionally trained technicians, we can fix practically anything that goes wrong with your device from screen replacement to battery replacement or even water damage repairs!

Secondlifeasia is a leader in Telecom, Technology, HealthTech, EduTech and Digital Services. Secondlifeasia offers customised solutions to address the needs of various sectors such as Enterprise, Education and Government. With over 28 years of experience in managing complex IT projects for global clients including multinational corporations and government bodies, Secondlifeasia brings together cutting-edge technology services from across the world to help businesses secure their IT infrastructure with top quality managed service offerings. Secondly for its other class of products. The company has been able to provide customers with an array of products at competitive prices that are high quality in nature. The company also provides services such as Apple Independent service centre where they offer quick fixes for iPhone issues/problems or MacBooks that need repair/upgrade so that you can make your device function better.