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We differentiate ourselves from the market by only offering 100% certified factory parts, 365 warranty, IP67 and IP68 water-resistant and same day repair.



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We are one of the member of CGP program.

The Coach and Grow Programme is a public-private partnership between Cradle Fund and Proficeo. CGP is a grant and is administered by Cradle Fund. Proficeo are the architects for the CGP providing programme conceptualisation and end to end programme implementation.

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Our Services

Our aim is to digitally disrupt and transform how Apple devices are repaired and serviced. We intend to be the first 4S repair and maintenance centre for out-of-warranty Apple products. Our intention is to partner with Network Carriers Operators in the region and assist them on repairs with the latest technical methodology and certified parts from factory.


Experience professional support with high audience touch.


Only using certified factory part with 12 months warranty coverage.


Device leasing with Easy Payment Plan available.


Your personal data is secured as we value privacy of our audience.

Strategic Partnerships

Our strategic partner have been in the business of providing service, spares, sales and security to Tier 1 carrier operators in North America, Latin America and Europe. They have been integral part of the Tier 1 carrier operator strategy on device sales and maintenance. These strategic partnerships have become an implicit part of business growth for the carrier operators. Our partner works actively in collaborating with regional carrier's operators in order to assist in building and creating new revenue streams. We intend to replicate and deliver these new revenue streams from our capabilities in tandem with them.


Hello There!

We are telecommunications veterans with experience specialising in marketing, product development and market expansion at various carriers within the region. Our team is a combination of 75 years experience in the South East Asia telecommunications landscape. We intend of changed and transform the repair and maintenance industry by providing same day on site repair, latest technical skills and certified factory parts.


We practice recycling. Drop off your old electronic devices that you no longer use for a discount on your next purchase or repair.


We promote the buying of prelove electronic devices rather than buying brand new.


Your old devices may be someone's new prelove devices. Save Mother Earth by reusing.

About Us

Jerome Teh

Alan Lee

Dion Lu

Kenji Lai


Co - founder

Head of Experience

Head of Tech

“Our singular mission is to provide outstanding service to our audiences. We’re happy when you’re happy.”

Social Proof

Testimonials from customer

Jonathan Lai

Their service is good and the price is reasonable.

15th June 2020

10th June 2020

Sharmini Angoosamy

Honest & efficient service! Saved me RM2040 as quoted by one of Apple authorised centre when it’s just a battery problem. Thanks!

10th June 2020

Naveen Manoharan

My Apple watch had a major issue of software. Went to mac store service centre and nobody could help,Just when i tot all was lost and these guys at Secondlifeasia did it!!

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We believe in collaboration and working together.

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