Article from Tech TRP – Secondlifeasia Gives New Life Into Your Apple Devices

Source: Secondlifeasia Breathes New Life Into Your Apple Devices – TechTRP

If you have any broken or ageing Apple devices that are out-of-warranty and need fixing, this repair shop is the one you need.

Secondlifeasia is a certified Independent Repair Providers (IRPs) by Apple, have taken a firm stand to use genuine parts for all device repairs and maintenance.

Founded by Jerome Teh and Alan Lee, Secondlifeasia identified a gap in the market where technicians lacked the necessary knowledge, tools, and authentic parts to service these high-tech devices.

L to R: Alan Lee and Jerome Teh

To bridge this gap, Teh, and Lee, along with their team, underwent rigorous 500 hours of theoretical and practical training provided by Apple.

Today, they offers comprehensive solutions for out-of-warranty repairs on various Apple devices, from Apple Watch to iMacs.

The company prides itself on fixing devices within a day for non-critical repairs such as battery replacements. For lengthier iPhone repairs, Secondlifeasia offers a “courtesy phone” at no extra cost, ensuring users stay connected.

To provide users with peace of mind, Secondlifeasia offers a maximum 12-month warranty period for parts.

The company firmly believes that quality work combined with genuine parts not only ensures user safety but also extends a device’s lifespan, contributing significantly to reducing e-waste.

In a bid to combat e-waste, Secondlifeasia’s SS2 flagship outlet also serves as an electronic waste collection point, in partnership with Electronic Recycling Through Heroes (ERTH).

To celebrate and promote a repair culture, Secondlifeasia is offering a limited-time 7% discount for iMac and MacBook exclusively at their SS2 repair centre. Use the code, FESTIVE7 when you book an appointment.