Smart Guard

Smart Guard protects your smart devices' screen such as iPhone, and other Android devices against screen crack incidents even your devices are out of warranty protection. Smart Guard is underwritten by AIG Malaysia Insurance Berhad.

Smart Guard or Others Protection Plan?

Smart Guard
Apple Protection Plan
Other Protection Plan

Subscription Fees And Details

Android Devices
Smart Guard
RM199 to RM229
RM69 to RM229
Apple Protection Plan
Other Protection Plan
Apple Professional iPad Repair Center

Extend protection for out of warranty
Protect your Apple, Android devices and other ICT devices from as low as 19 cents a day.

Apple Professional iPhone Repair Center

No additional fee for screen replacement
There is NO loading fee applied for screen or LCD-related components repair.

Apple Professional Apple Watch Repair Center

Accidental screen cracked is eligible even out of standard warranty period
Out-of-warranty devices are eligible to subscribe from the first 3 years period start from the proof of purchase date. 

Apple Professional AirPods Repair Center

Maximum claims value up to RM3,000/ unit
Repair or claim value coverage for parts repair, and labour, up to RM3,000 for each device.