Interviewed by BFM – Disrupting Tech Repair

A great podcast interview by BFM 89.9
Jerome Teh, Secondlifeasia
Produced / Presented by: Arvindh Yuvaraj, BFM 89.9
05-Jan-21 10:00
Background of Arvindh Yuvaraj:
On-air broadcaster. Content creation – recording and producing for broadcast. Topics and programs include tech, entertainment and pop culture, current affairs, and business. Digital video content producer, primarily on TikTok and Instagram
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Why does it take so long to repair a computer? Why does changing a battery take a week? These are the questions Jerome and his team asked themselves before embarking on Secondlifeasia – a service outlet that’s disrupting the tech-repair scene by offering same-day repairs, with a warranty attached. We speak to Jerome about competing with the big brands, servicing a B2B market, and expanding his range to include Android devices as well.