Interviewed by BFM – The ‘Right To Repair’ Could Change The Way We Use Tech

A great podcast interview by BFM 89.9
Jerome Teh, Secondlifeasia
Produced by: Arvindh Yuvaraj, BFM 89.9
Presented by: Richard Bradbury, Arvindh Yuvaraj, and Christine Wong, BFM 89.9
04-Feb-21 12:00
Background of Arvindh Yuvaraj:
On-air broadcaster. Content creation – recording and producing for broadcast. Topics and programs include tech, entertainment and pop culture, current affairs, and business. Digital video content producer, primarily on TikTok and Instagram
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Would you repair a defective phone/tablet or get a new one? Your answer may change depending on your “right to repair”, a movement that’s gaining traction over in the US. Partly due to planned-obsolescence fatigue, the right to repair means tech companies will have to prioritise customers who would rather repair defective tech instead of having to buy new products.