A Deep Dive into Water Damage on iPhones


In the fast-paced world of technology, our iPhones have become extensions of ourselves, accompanying us everywhere, from busy city streets to unexpected downpours. For certain professions like food delivery riders (Food Panda, Grab), exposure to water is almost inevitable, making water damage a common woe. In this blog, we uncover the intricacies of water damage on iPhones, exploring its prevalence and the potential solutions available, including insurance and protection plans.

Who’s Most Vulnerable?

Individuals working in roles that require constant outdoor activity, such as food delivery riders, are often the ones facing the brunt of water-related mishaps. The hustle and bustle of their routine expose iPhones to rain, spills, and unforeseen accidents.

Commonly Affected Parts:

Water damage doesn’t discriminate; it can affect various components of an iPhone. Commonly damaged parts include the charging port, speakers, and the delicate internal circuitry. Even though iPhones are built with water-resistant features, prolonged exposure or submersion can still take a toll.

The Water Damage Process:

Understanding the water damage process is crucial. When iPhones come into contact with water, it can seep into openings and compromise the internal components. The initial signs might be subtle, but over time, corrosion and malfunctions can manifest, leading to irreversible damage.You can learn more on A Closer Look at the Water Damage Repair Process for iPhones.

Insurance and Protection:

For iPhone users, safeguarding against water damage is a wise move. Apple Care, a popular choice, offers coverage for accidental damage, including water damage. However, it’s essential to note that Apple Care availability may vary by region, so it’s crucial to check its status in Malaysia.

Guard Genius Protection:

Guard Genius provides an alternative for those seeking protection beyond Apple Care. With two comprehensive plans, it caters to specific needs. The Smart Guard Protection guards against accidental screen cracks for digital devices at RM269 for 12 months. Meanwhile, the Smart Guard Plus, priced at RM499 for 24 months, goes a step further, offering protection against both accidental screen cracks and liquid damage.

In a world where water encounters are inevitable, taking proactive steps to protect your iPhone becomes paramount. Whether you’re a busy professional or an adventure enthusiast, understanding the risks and having the right safeguards in place can make a significant difference. Learn more about Guard Genius .