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Apple Genuine Part. 365 days of Warranty. Same Day Repair




Secondlifeasia aims to be Malaysia's 1st post-warranty repair center for MacBooks and all digital products such as AirPods, Macbook Air, Mac mini, Macbook Pro, iPhone, iPad, iMac, Apple Watch and Mac mini, in addition to a 12-month parts replacement warranty. We offer certified repairs and genuine Macbook parts repair, software diagnostics, tools and processes to ensure your Macbook repair is done safely and securely

Secondlifeasia aims to digitally transform the way digital devices are repaired, maintained, and cared for. We are strong advocates of a circular economy, repairing and replacing only damaged parts in your devices without making unnecessary upgrades. We believe in the sustainability of the consumer cycle to protect our environment for our future generations.

We offer genuine Apple parts that we source from Apple. We use Apple diagnostics, tools, and processes to ensure your device repair is done safely and securely.

Why Us

Lack of Motivation

The majority of mobile resellers prefer to focus on selling new devices.

Focus On Selling

Mobile resellers do not repair all mobile devices and would offer to top-up and trade-in for new devices.

Lack Of Skill

Lack of trusted and skilled technicians under 1 roof for all mobile devices.

Too Long to Replace

Takes 7 to 10 working days to replace even a battery and /or unnecessary suggestions to replace the motherboard.

Limited Warranty

Limited Warranty Period due to use of AP parts.

Our Services

We digitally disrupt and transform how digital devices are repaired and serviced, being the first 4S repair and maintenance centre for out-of-warranty digital products, with the application of the following 4 pillars of excellence.

Experienced professional support focusing on customer journey.

Only using certified factory parts with 12 months warranty coverage.

Sales of prelove devices via device leasing and Easy Payment Plan available.

Your personal data is secured as we value the privacy of our audience.

Best and Fast service by Secondlifeasia Spilled coffee over my MBPM1, my keyboards become sticky underneath, just within 3 hours, all settled. Thank you Guys.
Shashi Muniandy
Facebook Review
Have some hiccups during my battery replacement for iPhone XR in other shop. The shop owner asked me to apple authorized store as the shop unable to fix the battery reading. At last, I managed to find secondlifeasia and they managed to fix it by replacing a genuine apple battery within 3 hour! very professional! By using coconut battery you can see the manufacture date and manufacturer are both valid.
Chris Gan
Facebook Review
Great service and advise. These guys have nothing but love for making sure u get the best service and advise in taking care of your Apple. With 12 months warranty where to get. Will definitely come back.
Chow K
Google Review

Our Team

75 Years of Experience in the South East Asia Telecommunications Landscape

We are telecommunications veteran with experience specialising in marketing, product development and market expansion with various carriers within the region.

Our singular mission is to provide outstanding service to our audiences. We’re happy when you’re happy.
Macbook iPhone AirPods Repair Here https://www.secondlifeasia.com/
Secondlifeasia Macbook AirPods Repair Here https://www.secondlifeasia.com/
Secondlifeasia AirPods Repair Here https://www.secondlifeasia.com/
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November 1, 2021 Apple News Read More May 26, 2021 Astro Awani Interview Read More February 4, 2021 The ‘Right To Repair’ Could Change The Way We